Optimising Planners

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The planners listed below are planners that belong to the subset of optimising planners. Planners are optimising if they attempt to find the optimal plan achievable.

In optimising planning the goal is typically to reach optimality or as close to optimality as possible within the time limit. Optimising planners should attempt to find the best solution first, and then give consideration to the speed at which they do it.

This page makes no distinction between classically optimising planners and temporal numeric optimising planners; that said there are very few planners which are optimising temporal numeric.

Arguably optimising planners are a subset of satisfycing planners, because a planner still needs to find a valid plan, but must achieve the additional criteria of being optimal. We do not take this view. We only mark a planner as optimising if it has specifically entered itself into the optimising track of the IPC. If it enters itself in both the Optimal and Satisfycing tracks, we reflect this by including them in both lists.

Optimising Planners by A to Z

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