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Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2008 Optimising

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Year Published: 2008

Paper: CO-PLAN: Combining SAT-Based Planning with Forward-Search [ Robinson, N. Gretton, C. Pham, D. N. ]

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Co-Plan, a two-phase propositional planning system for the cost-optimal case. During the first phase, Co-Plan constructs the n-step plangraph for increasing values of n, passing the corresponding decision problem at each stage to a modified Boolean satisfiability procedure. This procedure determines whether an nstep plan exists, and if so identifies a plan that has the minimal action cost given the plan length bound n. The second phase proceeds as soon as the first phase yields a plan. This consists of a forward-search in the problem state space, bounded by the action-cost of the best plan found during the first phase.


Co-Plan has not been tested with eviscerator yet. Co-Plan is designed for classical domains and so most likely does not support temporal numeric planning.

Downloading and Compiling Co-Plan

Co-Plan planner source code can be downloaded from a Zip submitted to IPC 2008