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CFDP: Cost Optimal Planning based on FDP

Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2008 Optimising

Planner Quality: -

Year Published: 2008

Paper: CFDP: an approach to Cost-Optimal Planning based on FDP [ Grandcolas, S. Cyril Pain-Barre, C. ]

Preceded By: FDP

CFDP is a planning system based on the paradigm of planning as constraint satisfaction, that searches for cost optimal plans. It uses an Iterative Deepening Depth First Search procedure. CFDP works directly on a structure related to Graphplan’s planning graph: given a fixed bound on the length of the plan, the structure is incrementally build. Each time the structure is extended, a search for cost-optimal sequential plans is made.


CFDP has not been tested with eviscerator yet. Fast Downward forms the base planner of CFDP, please refer to the Fast Downward [Link Needed] page for an idea of the supported features in this planner

Downloading and Compiling CFDP

CFDP planner source code can be downloaded as a Zip based on its submission to IPC 2008