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BiFD - Bi-directional Fast Downwards

Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2014 Satisfycing

Planner Quality: -

Year Published: 2014

Paper: IPC 2014 Booklet [ Alcazar, V. Fernandez, S. Borrajo, D. ]

Preceded By: Fast Downward

Bi-directional Fast Downward is a 2-portfolio planner comprising of Fast Downward and Fast Downward Regression (FDr), when searching it conducts search from the initial state to the goal state, and vice versa. Most domains used as benchmarks in automated planning are asymmetrical. In general, it is unclear whether searching forward or backward is the best option a priori. Furthermore, planners that search backward have important differences (both advantageous and disadvantageous) with those that search forward. Here we propose BiFD, which combines Fast Downward with FDr (Fast Downward Regression) in a portfolio. This aims to exploit the advantages of searching in both directions while trying to minimize their disadvantages.


BiFD has not been tested with eviscerator as we could not find source code for the planner, or we couldn’t get the source code to compile. Fast Downward forms the base planner of BiFD, please refer to the Fast Downward [Link Needed] page for an idea of the supported features in this planner.

Downloading and Compiling BiFD

No Source code could be located for BiFD