MetricFF: The Fast Forward Planner

Page Contributors: adamgreen, Adam Green,

Year Published: 2003

Paper: The MetricFF Planning System: Translating “Ignoring Delete Lists” to Numeric State Variables [Hoffmann, J.]

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Metric-FF is a domain independent planning system developed by Joerg Hoffmann. The system is an extension of the FF planner to (ADL combined with) numerical state variables, more precisely to PDDL 2.1 level 2


MetricFF Supports the following features according to Eviscerator:

Requirement Supported?
PDDL 1.2  
:strips Yes
:typing Yes
:disjunctive-preconditions No
:equality Yes
:existential-preconditions Yes
:universal-preconditions Yes
:conditional-effects Yes
:domain-axioms No
:subgoals-through-axioms No
:safety-constraints No
:open-world No
:quantified-preconditions Yes
:adl No
:ucpop No
PDDL 2.1  
:numeric-fluents (:fluents) Yes
:durative-actions No
:duration-inequalities No
:continuous-effects No
:negative-preconditions No
PDDL 2.2  
:derived-predicates No
:timed-initial-literals No
PDDL 3.0  
:constraints No
:preferences No
PDDL 3.1  
:action-costs No
:goal-utilities No
:time No

Downloading and Compiling MetricFF

For more information on how to download, compile and use MetricFF, visit its website here.