COLIN: COntinuous LINear planner

Page Contributors: adamgreen, Adam Green,

Year Published: 2009

Paper: Temporal Planning in Domains with Linear Processes [ Coles, A. J. Coles, A. I. Fox, M. Long, D.]

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COLIN is a forward-chaining heuristic search planner, capable of reasoning with COntinuous LINear numeric change, in addition to the full temporal semantics of PDDL2.1.


COLIN has not been tested with eviscerator as it has now been superceded by POPF and OPTIC. If you have compiled and tested COLIN on eviscerator, feel free to pull this page and submit a pull request.

Downloading and Compiling POPF

POPF’s main KCL Planning page provides more detail about the COLIN Planner and where the source code can be found.

Additional Notes

COLIN only supports linear continuous effects, hence the name.