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C3: SAT and CSP based Planner

Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2008 Satisfycing

Planner Quality: -

Year Published: 2008

Paper: C3: Planning with Consistent Causal Chains [ Lipovetzky, N. Ramırez, M. Geffner, H. ]

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The C3 Planner is a planner based on the concept of consistent causal chains. These are actions that are clearly sequenced together as they provide or are a precondition of one another.


C3 has not been tested with eviscerator yet. C3 appears to be targeted to solving classical planning problems, so likely does not support any temporal or numeric features in PDDL.

Downloading and Compiling C3

Source code for C3 can be found as a zip submitted to the IPC 2008.