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Arvandherd Planner

Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2011 Satisfycing

Planner Quality: 30 out of 100

Year Published: 2011

Paper: ArvandHerd: Parallel Planning with Portfolios [ Nakhost, H. Muller, M. Valenzano, R. Schaeffer, J. Sturtevant, N. ]

Preceded By: Fast Downward

ArvandHerd is a satisficing parallel planner that has been entered in the 2011 International Planning Competition (IPC 2011). It uses a portfolio-based approach where the portfolio contains four configurations of the Arvand planner and one configuration of the LAMA planner. Each processor runs a single planner, and the execution is mostly independent from the other processors so as to minimize overhead due to communication. ArvandHerd also uses the Aras plan-improvement system to improve plan quality


Arvandherd has not been tested with eviscerator as we could not find source code for the planner, or we couldn’t get the source code to compile. Fast Downward forms the base planner of Arvandherd, please refer to the Fast Downward [Link Needed] page for an idea of the supported features in this planner.

Downloading and Compiling Arvandherd

No Source code could be located for Arvandherd