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DPMPlan & MIPlan

Page Contributors: Adam Green,

tags: IPC2014 Optimising

Year Published: 2014

Paper: IPC 2014 Booklet [Núñez, S. Borrajo, D. Linares López, C.]

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MIPlan portfolios have been generated using Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP), which computes the portfolio with the best achievable performance with respect to a selection of training planning tasks. The resulting portfolio is a linear combination of candidate planners defined as a sorted set of pairs < planner, time >

The idea behind DPMPlan is to modify the objective function used to configure MIPlan in a temporal objective function. Thereby, the MIP task will maximize the objective function for each instant (measured in seconds).


MIPlan and DPMPlan has not been tested with eviscerator yet. DPMPlan and MIPlan are designed for classical domains and so most likely do not support temporal numeric planning.

Downloading and Compiling DPMPlan & MIPlan

Both MIPlan and DPMPlan can be found in this zip of submissions to IPC 2014